My mission

Esmeralda Loredo Nguyen the CEO and manager of Ezzy Nail Care. She is a very experienced manicurist and has been working in the beauty industry since 2019. She specializes in Builder Gel/ Hybrid Gel artificial nails. She provides Cosmetic Toe nail reconstructions and advanced pedicure services.

Esmeralda has recently established her business at Salon Republic Murrieta, Suite 201. She is highly motivated to service her clients with meticulous detail and utmost care. She aspires to provide friendly spa service that is safe and clean.


Artist, Owner of Ezzy Nail Care

About Me

Hi! I'm Esmeralda. I am a California Licensed Nail Tech, and Certified Master Pedicurist (CMP) from North American School of Podology. I have been working in the beauty industry since 2019.

So, what got me into specializing in problematic foot care? Well, my father is diabetic and heard about his foot issues. His doctor prescribed expensive lotions and ointments that didn’t work on his diabetic feet. When I started working in the walk in nail salons, as the new girl fresh from nail school, I saw how the elderly and sensitive clients were disrespected and hurt. We were not trained how to accommodate to this select group of sensitive people.

I went down a rabbit hole and learned everything I can to give proper pedicures, and reflexology massage techniques to help me better serve these clients. I have always strived for advanced education, which is where I learned to research on instagram and found there were advanced trainings and mentors. I saved all of my tips and extra income, and invested in the mentors, the advance trainings, the seminars, and the foot care distributors. Over the years, I mastered the product use, and how to properly service those sensitive groups.

To this day, I continue to stay on top of my advanced trainings. I am working on becoming an educator and train nail techs wanting advanced foot care training to better themselves, and help their communities who are sensitive.